it is a crazy crazy world and I have no idea what it means

I know, most people go into the restroom and get the hell out.
but have you ever watched one of these Mexican wrestling movies? They run non-stop at Nada.
lol stupid. I literally kept watching to see if it could get dumber, and it did.
i thought maybe there was a subliminal message there, but no, sadly I was just drink.

Nada[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. I picked up Luchadores Enmascarados: Campeones Justicieros/Vuelven Los Campeones Justicieros.
    No subtitles & I know no Spanish but I have read a lot of comic books. When you can't follow along just imagine something weird & you can probably justify it somehow eventually.
    One cool thing - these guys always wear their masks. No matter if they are wearing their leotards, suits, casual wear, overalls, tennis whites - they wear their masks. In one episode, the Blue Devil drives a station wagon to the airport to pick up mom & his hot cousin. He wears his mask.
    If you always wear the daggone mask, what's the point of wearing the mask ?
    Then, there's the wrestling dwarves in the rubber suits.....