Riverside Korean Restaurant

This place is tiny! Went with Steve and Mary and had a nice meal, we've never been there before but had heard a lot about it, and it lived up to everything we've heard.
Steve order a dish and the waitress asked "you know it contains raw meat right?"
So by it I assumed the dish was composed of veggies with some raw meat sprinkled in. No. The dish was composed of a 3/4 scoop of raw meat with three bean sprouts on top. Don't know how Steve ate it but he did.

Riverside Korean RestaurantRiverside Korean Restaurant
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  1. lol - yea, you need to be careful with a couple of those Korean dishes, but most of the options are really good! We used to go there for lunch all the time when I worked nearby - their lunch menu is great & a bargain at less than $10!