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Macksies says:
Why, I happen to know a little bit about this. It's a piece spray painted by the Ill Ones, a group of Cincinnati graffiti artists that tag their work with IO or IOK for Ill Ones Krew. For last summer's Scribble Jam, they did a production on the side of Bogart's in Clifton that is totally awesome.
They also painted the windows in an abandoned factory off of Hopple Street. If you are driving south on 75, right before exit 3 on the right you can see it, it's pretty huge. As far as graffiti goes in Cincy, they're pretty well respected.
Don't know anything about why the Ghostbuster's symbol is in there but I'd assume just because it's awesome.

Fox Alpha Films

WOW! Someone finally noticed! Stay tuned Cincinnati for a project that is definately going to rock the Queen City very very soon!
The kind of project that will have everyone saying proudly "I'm from Cincinnati Ohio"
Oh I forgot . . . take a peek.

rrdphoto says:
Should be something pretty cool - I'm looking forward to seeing it myself! Michael Daemon is a very interesting guy & I expect him to do some big things with this.
I did a little retouching work for FoxAlpha, but I don't know anything about the nature of the project - other than that it actually paints the city in a good light (unlike other Cincinnati-based features of the recent past).


dynamist says:
Wow, this is one of the best pics ever of EM!

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