History repeats (faster now that we are more connected and should know better), cities are rising and I could be blind and not even know it.

You would think something that happened, changed the world and then blew up in everyone’s face a mere 8 years ago would still be fresh in our minds. Yet over the last year the whole idea that the internet is changing everything is picking up steam again. This time it’s not so much how shopping is done but advertising. Yeah, more people are online, and sophisticated and knowledgeable but I don’t see the status quo being overthrown anytime soon. Maybe it’s me but the flag-waving examples I’ve seen that the old way of advertising is dead looks suspiciously like the prime example of why it still works. Another tenet of the internet; enabling people to work anywhere, disconnected from a physical location allowing them to scatter hasn’t happened either. What has happened? Rent in city centers has climbed, and people are moving back so now 51% of the people on earth live in cities. So the internet really hasn't changed anything. (Again)


When did having an eye exam somehow morph into an experience not unlike buying a car (minus the anal penetration)? It seems like we were in the office for a couple hours. This one was more intensive than I remember them being also, multiple tests and eye drops, I was blind as a bat when we left and exhausted, I couldn’t focus on the computer screen when I got home so that was basically the end of my day. Glasses wise I’ve moved up in strength, they don’t call them bifocals any more, they were calling them progressive. The glasses start off weaker at the top for distance, the middle becomes stronger for computer work and then the strength really kicks in at the bottom for books, magazines and printouts. I was going for a pair that were out there fashion wise but Ms. 5chw4r7z reeled me back in on them, they'll still be a change from what I have been wearing. I’m also hoping this improves the quality of my reading comprehension and writing ability.

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