FSBL, you can pay for the whole seat but you'll only need the EDGE!

Broomball on Fountain Square, we finally saw Team R2 Beat U, we know Blake and half the people on the team so it made it fun watching them flail around on the ice. And they won. Much head scratching by me as every time someone for the next game would arrive they'd look out onto the ice and proclaim,
"it looks slick!"
Well, yes it does!

Side Note: we tried to make reservations to Nada a week in advance early January and no dice. Last night, we walked past Nada 8ish and it was packed.
On a Monday night.

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  1. Nice Broomball pics. I keep wanting to get down there and take pics myself.

  2. I've been trying to get reservations at Nada since they opened, with no luck. They only take reservations on the second floor; the first floor is first-come, first-served. I so rarely have time to have a planned dinner out on a weekenight, but I might have to to try Nada.

  3. Nada is great...I highly recommend it. Although when I went I had to come around 5:30pm to get in, or wait until like 9pm or something crazy.

    As for the FSBL, I love the idea and the interest it seems to have. I love Downtown!