Cincinnati beer

While visiting relatives over the holidays, these jumped out at me. Ms. 5chw4r7z's uncle has an old beer can collection, and the Olde Frothingslosh jumped out at me, not because its from Cincinnati, its from Pittsburgh, but because the Beer Goddess' boyfriend was talking about it at her beer party. That lead me to taking a closer look at all the cans, interesting, looking at them in a new light. The Cinci beer is actually Canadian but what the hay. I figured there might be one person out there to get a kick out of it.



  1. I drank a lot of Cinci Cream Ale back in college - I remember a group of us took several cases with us when we drove to Cleveland to see Pink Floyd.

    The Cinci slogan used to be "Who wants the handsome waiter?" which used to crack me up because they had a full-face drawing of the waiter on the can (unlike the one you've pictured here, where only the silhouette is shown) and he looked like Phil Collins.

  2. Anyone interested in purchasing a old Cinci Beer tap handle? Excellent condition - thought if there was any interest I wouldn't throw it away. Sharon