With Ms. 5chw4r7z off with friends to see a play I had time on my hands Saturday night and was looking for something to do. Jackie says she’s up for anything as long as she doesn’t have to walk so we piled in the car and drove.
I know can you believe it?
Someone had told me about a little place that had the best burgers in Cincinnati out on Kellog Ave. so of course I thought, hey how hard can it be to find, I’m imagining a neon sign saying, “this is the place 5chw4r7z”.
Next thing I know we’re in California and there’s a little bar, Lebo’s so we stop in, and you know what, the burgers weren’t bad at all. But man was it cold Saturday night, my hands were shaking and I couldn’t take any outside shots.


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  1. I heard that this was a great place to sing Karaoke as well!

  2. The burger sure does look good...can't believe you guys got in that devil mobile though. :)