Olives at the Ludlow Garage

The night was so COOOLD and the fireplace looked so inviting from the sidewalk, it only took a second to decide we really wanted to be sitting beside it. Olives is upscale inside, we were dressed casual not formal but felt right at home, helped by the friendly bar staff. We ordered a couple drinks, alcoholic and non- , and after a careful perusal of the desert tray Jackie ordered a carrot cake pumpkin torte. This is where it got kinda weird and I felt a little guilty. I’m taken pictures like their going out of style and Michael, the waiter asks if we’re food critics and Jackie says, “sort of” and wow what a transformation, he went from being our buddy to super formal. But I must say we got crazy-mad service after that, that’s for sure. I was impressed with the restaurant and the whole experience and can’t wait to go back for dinner or a Sunday brunch. If you go, and you sit at one of Michael’s tables tip him good, he works for it.

This also where we hatched the whole Style Sensor idea. We were talking fashion and I see people and think they look incredible and want to get a picture but feel weird asking them. Whats the in? How do I start the whole conversation? So this will be a little side project for interesting people downtown and abroad. I’m thinking the material might be thin or not until the weather warms some.


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