Hot Tub Time Machine

Newport Ky

Yep, when I saw the first preview I instantly hated it, swore I'd never see it. But then I started hearing good things about it and you know what, it was good. Smart, funny some twists and turns. I'm not going to compare it to the Hangover because it wasn't LOL like that, but more in its own way.
The idea that all of their lives suck, they go back in time and they're so worried about screwing up and changing the future, it kept you pulling for them to change, break out of the rut. You'll have to see for yourself if they were able to overcome those fears or not.[where:1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


  1. Your's is one of several positive reviews I have heard for Hot Tub Time Machine...and I felt the way you did after seeing all the previews. Maybe I'll check it out too. Also, I love that picture of Southgate House.

  2. I haven't seen it but some of my friends were involved in creating the Second Life segments. Were those prominent or funny?

  3. Thats wild Mark.
    I had to scratch my head a few minutes to remember. There was a geeky kids playing Second Life at the beginning of the movie with about 20 seconds of screen time. A few really obvious jokes about going out and living a real life, then it was all over and on to the next thing.

  4. I've been surprised that there's been no discussion whatsoever in Cincinnati regarding a certain conversation in HTTM; that is, the conversation about what happened in Cincinnati and what was in John Cusack's shoebox (it's never explained in the movie, so this isn't a spoiler).
    Anyway, I came up with my own answer, and tweeted it to a certain person, as you shall see. I realize that what I am posting here is still, technically, in the realm of fan fiction, but as far as I am concerned, this is the official answer.
    I hope the links work; if not, you can try copying and pasting.