Parker Flats Friday, Saturday edition

One year ago today...

We finally closed Jan. 2 on the Parker Flats condo.
Everyone has asked aren't you so excited?
Truthfully its been such an up and down ride, its more relief than excitement.
And after a month of beating the bejezus out of everything, we did the paper signing in less than 20 minutes.
If there's any fine print that says something like our interest doubles next week we're screwed, I didn't do much reading.
Can't wait to get in and start having parties.

So began our awesome new adventure, and on it continues.
And I can say so far none of the fine print has come back to bite us in the ass.

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  1. OK
    Now that you have been there, what a year?, can you give us something in the way of statistics and comments? A friend just moved down to Fourth Street and his comments raised some questions.

    For instance, roughly, what did it cost to buy (don't be offended as that is public information anyway, but sometimes doesn't reflect special circumstances) and what are condo fees? How many square feet and how many cubic feet is your condo? What kind of utilities do you have to pay on a yearly average?

    What are parking costs? Do you drive? Where do you shop for groceries?

    Somewhere it was said that your party was good because you got to meet with some very intelligent people. How did you determine this when I only saw people of that appeared same age, same race, same economics. Were these people from your neighborhood? General comments to get a feel of your area are what I am looking for.

    What would you do different if you were back in your original decision process? or Were your expectations met?

    I noticed your kitchen area. How does that island work out? It looks as though you use it for everything. Is it enough? How much space is around the island? Is it enough? I am working on a kitchen design that happens to look like yours and I am concerned about the dynamic of the space normally and also during periods of entertaining?

    I will sign my name and give you my email because I want your response whether you publish it or not?

    Or what if any problems did you have with the City of Cincinnati?

    Dieter Schmied

  2. What the hell kind of observation is that about his parties? Holy smokes, that's unbelievably rude.

    As someone who organized and attended many parties with 5chw4r7z and Ms. 5chw4r7z before moving to the west coast, I can tell you that you're wrong about everyone coming from the same background, economically or otherwise. How terribly gauche to say such a thing.

  3. Did he miss the picture of your dad and me hugging while admiring that keg of Oberon? I am clearly old, not very smart and not from your part of town! Who is this guy, anyway?

  4. Having lived on west 4th for a couple years I figured I would chime in with some feed back-

    I didn't own, I rented a place in kinsey flats, right next to parker - I think I had close to 1300 sq and was paying around 895 a month, utilities were roughly 120 a month on average, more heavily weighed towards winter since it's difficult to heat a space with 17' ceilings efficiently. That is something to consider when looking at stuff downtown - tall ceilings are cool and all, but also do insane things to the amount of air space you have to heat.

    Parking was bundled with my rent, but that varies from place to place, whether your purchase or rent.

    I did move out of downtown proper for a few years, lived in Correyville, Mariemont, and currently in Clifton - right now we're in the midst of organizing an offer on a place downtown, which speaks to how much we like it there. Other places in town are cool, but downtown is really a different vibe and is full of great businesses and people and that is what is drawing us back (even though clifton is a stones throw, and just as cool).

    One comment about space - you definitely give up sq footage to live downtown. I have friends with huge 4 bedroom houses that they got for close to what we would be paying for a 1 bed, 1 bath downtown. You become more efficient because of it, you accumulate less and your focus more about what you're doing, rather than that you have. Most stuff downtown is big an open anyway, which makes for a great entertaining space. You use all the space you have, instead of having rooms you use once or twice a year.

    In terms of diversity - of course it will vary based on who you associate with, but in general downtown is very diverse, more so than most parts of town - it's up to you how much diversity you include in your own life

  5. ....what kind of tile is that in the bathroom, what brand of fixtures, what kind of hardware are on your kitchen cabinets.

    At what rate does the air heat up in your apartment in the winter compared to the the summer, on average how much sunlight a day hits your back wall in the bedroom.

    Why did you have a party where there was no one invited with a birthday in March? Whats up with that? Do you not like that month of March? i noticed you have doors in your condo, and also stairs.....