Do you wonder could that be a game, or a mountain to be scaled? YES, yes it is.
A truck to be chased and I finally had a day off to do it and would not be stopped.
I was on a mission to get a burger from Cafe de Wheels.
its cold
No, its not that cold
they only take cash you know
I hit the cash machine, I'm flush
I'm not eating it outside
Yeah well we'll figure something out I'm sure, and with that last bit 'O Barney she caved.
Little did she know later on she'd be eating it Outside

Cafe de Wheels
Cafe de Wheels

Just like mana from heaven, fresh cooked hamburgers appear from the side of a truck.
Cafe de Wheels

OH OH OH, is this one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. From a truck? It could be.
Steaming hot, moist, with the exact right mouth feel that had my head spinning.
Cafe de Wheels

With that done and a very content stomach we continued on to Outside and checked out what Terry had going on. And whats going on is a winter sale, some really good deals on planters that we are taking advantage of.
And these super cool new terrariums, and some wood burners.
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio
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  1. *charlie brown voice:* AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!

    you crazy kids down there in the queen city just keep coming up with new ways to make me jealous out here in the frozen tundra 'burbs of the circle city.

    just keep on keeping it real, and posting pictures in the process, and i'll keep living vicariously.

  2. I'm gonna have to agree with you...the burger from Cafe de Wheels is the best I've had in Cincy. My vegetarian friends were absolutely giddy over their veggie burger made with all kinds of goodies.

  3. That is amazing a burger on Wheels. All we have out here in the "country" of fairfield burbs is the musical ice cream truck in the summer. I'd think some other entrepreneur on wheels serving burgers up here would be great. Are they on a schedule (like the library bookmobile or do they just drive randomly?)

    i think with certain appts at different businesses or parking lots, or neighborhoods, this kind of 'meals on wheels' would work for EVERYBODY! & if they have veggie & Vegan burgers=win, win! (I like Sunshine burgers, no soy, no gluten for meatless meal)

    You keeping track of all these blogs? Make a great book or video for all to read or even Foodnetwork. :)

  4. follow them on twitter at burgerbgood to find out where they're at any given day.
    Good stuff.

    I have an icecream truck that passes the tweetdeck once in awhile but I don't have enough time to get down to him.

  5. As you know I am a big fan of Cafe de Wheels! Great food and great people, the best of what is going on in the urban core these days.

    As for Outside... I bought a terraium back in November I think and it is GREAT! Half art, half plant, and no maintenance it is perfect for me. It is costly up front, but I love mine!

  6. I love the dialogue between you and Ms. Very cute! And you are killing me re: burgerbgood. It's 9:22 am and I am now craving some medium rare meat.

    When am I gonna see your faces? It's been too long.