snow day, I can't afford you

I'm glad thats all over, what is there to do on snow days?
Shop, eat. All of which costs money which I wouldn't be spending if I was working. The chick in TJMax says, the roads are too bad to go to work but you can drive in here? I'm like dude, we live 3 blocks away!
Then random invites to lunch. OK, how can I complain about lunch at Via Vite with incredible company, Ms 5chw4r7z and AmyFab?
I can't so I won't.

Via Vite

Actually, I don't know what the rest of the country looked like but downtown was really just slushy. Cold and slushy. I didn't mind splashing around during the day but once the sun set that was it, not going anywhere in the evenings the last couple weeks.
Via Vite

You know how that sausage sandwich tastes at the fair? This one reminded me of the Canfield Fair after the first bite. So imagine that sausage sandwich, except with gourmet sausage. And a fresh, toasted bun. Yeah, oh man, thats exactly what it was like.
I wanted to order another one immediately. But didn't sadly.
Via Vite
Via Vite
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio
1 hot sausage sammich

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  1. You said Canfield Fair. It's official. My dad and I are gonna have to do lunch at Via Vite sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up.

    Any chance VV can import some Handel's??