chicken pot high!

Yeah, that how I felt eating it.
We've been trying to coordinate our schudule with the 'nomerati forever and finally made it over for some of their completely insane chicken pot pie. Insanely good.
But what would you expect from a couple all about food?
Of course beer, and one love I share with them, hoppy beer, her and David always have something interesting to drink.
Behind the Cheddar Curtian? Its from Wisconsin. whatever.
but it was good.

chicken pot pie dinner

A modern day alchemist, pulling small brown bottles out of the cupboards, zip locks out of the fridge. Dashes of this pinches of that.
chicken pot pie dinner
chicken pot pie dinner
chicken pot pie dinner

We had the chocolate stout with the death by chocolate cake left over from Valentines day.
It almost was death by chocolate.
chicken pot pie dinner
chicken pot pie dinner

After a few beers and way too much chocolate cake, kitty looked possessed.
chicken pot pie dinner

The incredible sublime 6 story atrium at the Shillito.
chicken pot pie dinner

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  1. great post! I think the link to our blog is entered wrong, though. we enjoyed making the pot pie. Thanks for sharing the cake, we were glad you help you out with it. We should do it again soon.
    Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some cheeses!