Dirty Franks

Been shooting for a Dirty Frank pilgrimage since reading about it on the My Columbus Ohio Blog. Yesterday was finally that day, cold bright, I figured we'd have the place to ourselves, hey a Sunday afternoon?
Hell no, it was standing room only. But we'd been driving 3 hours so it felt good to stretch.
And for everyone with camera envy since I got the Panasonic, heres proof for every good picture I get, there's 10 I can wipe my a55 with. But I need these so you'll suffer along with me.
Prepare yourself for some craptastic pictures.

Dirty Franks

PBR and Blatz
f#@k yeah hipsters
$1 beer and $3 hotdogs. Whats wrong with this picture?
The problem is, if hipsters started jumping off bridges guess what?
Yep, in 6 months we'd all be jumping off bridges too.
Dirty Franks
Dirty Franks
Dirty Franks

OK, so if you're like, life's too short for cheap beer no matter how uncool it is to pay $4 for a pint, they have an awesome selection for you.
I had the Two Brothers Brewing Cane&Able, but they also had Great Lakes, Troeggs and BBC on tap.
I've gone to great lengths in pursuit of that noblest of life's pleasures: the perfect hot dog.
Climbed mountains. Swam across lochs. Dodged rabbid Buckeye fans.
Dirty Franks hot dogs were worth it!
But you know what, now that I've found it, at the end of the day, its still just a hot dog.
Dirty Franks
Dirty Franks

HA! Franklin College around the corner, explains the hipsters.
C-Bus, Ohio
[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio

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  1. Brilliant hotdog maybe, but does it stack up with Nathan's? Not the franchised ones, the one on Coney Island in NYC.