this is a really poor substitute to Chalk

I was so looking forward to dinner tonight at Chalk but everything in Cincinnati is closed tonight, if we fall down the apartment steps we stop at Papa John's front door, and it was open.

Pizza nightPizza night

[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown chalk restaurant

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  1. After marching in what was left of the bockfest parade, Terry and I indulged at the Bierhall (the Bock? Yum.) and thought "Ooh, dinner! But we don't want to walk far!"

    So we trudged over to Lavomatic.. closed. So disappointed.

    So we came back home and I made pasta with parm reg and browned butter. And I forgot to take the darn pictures. Ah, well.

    Glad you and Mrs. 5. are holed up and staying warm.