My lastest Sigg aquisition


Dan at Park+Vine always gets me the coolest, he's my dealer I guess.
I was going to say the newest in my collection of Sigg.
Is the plural of Sigg, Sigg?
Siggs doesn't sound right.
Does it surprise you English was my worst subject?

They are celebrating 100yrs of Sigg on a newly launched website Sigg100.
Register to win a trip to Hawaii.
Turn the sound down first, I hate websites with embedded sound.
[where: 45202] sigg water bottle 5chw4r7z

1 comment:

  1. I love all the reflections in your picture!

    If any of you can't get to Park+Vine, check out our website - We're a Columbus based online retailer of SIGGs (we use SIGGs as the plural) and we have lots of the red alert style in stock. :)