Park+Vine in OTR has won four Citybeat Best of Cincinnati awards. Good one on ya Dan, OTR wouldn't be the same without you, keep up the good work.
a rare picture of Dan, he tends to avoid cameras it seems. Wow, I'm humping around an extra 10lbs in that pic, damn summer time and beer.

I have to say, I don't put much in those awards, I'm happy for Dan, but who makes this s#!t up?

  • Best Place to Read About Esoteric B Movies
  • Best Reason to Sit Up and Beg
  • Best Channeling of British Post-Punk Minimalists Wire
  • Best Fender-Bender in Funkytown

Really CityBeat? This is stuff you think people care about. Or was it too much Shanghai Mama's before bedtime?
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio over the rhine park vine


  1. Best green oriented store, that was fixed, unless you made a concerted effort to think of something else.

    Still, it brings some awareness to whats going on and it is a cool annual excuse to do that.

  2. I guess they come up with the winners first and then make up categories for them.
    But I still love Park+Vine, awards or not.