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I used to get defensive when I would hear things like "I would live downtown but there is no grocery" or "I would live downtown but there is nowhere to park" I was exhausted from constantly defending my decision to live downtown.
And of course the response to every new development was and still is it will spread crime and/or you'll get shot/mugged.
But now that I realize none of this is a reflection on me; I accept these comments as what they are. I've figured out that living in the urban core is a litmus test for a person willing to take on a certain level of bullshit to be close to the action. The closer you get to the fire, the hotter it is, but close to the fire is where the steel is forged.


The people I want to know are the people who view all those situations as constraints, hurdles and sometimes inspiration.
Those are the people I want rub elbows with, the fighters, the movers and the shakers. I'm always hoping some of that spirit rubs off on me.
I'm not criticizing anyone, everyone is as entitled to their opinion as I am. I'm just talking about how my personal view of the negativity has evolved.
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  1. I was expecting the guy in the picture to jump up and start saying "hey Sarge" to me. :)