does Jeni's have future plans for Cincinnati? here's the "scoop"

Jeni's Ice Creams

Imagine our surprise Sunday afternnon when we hit Main St and witnessed people walked around shellshocked. And how our eyes lit up when the saw Jeni's ice cream truck siting there.
At the same time all of us exclaimed "NOOOOO WAY!"
Yes way, one of the guys in the truck was giving an oral history of Jeni's Ice Creams as he served people who may or may not know anything about them.
When asked he told me they were just feeling the place out.
But I had to know for sure what was up and this is what Jeni's told me.

On the record, we love Cincy. Would love to be able to scoop down there more regularly... but we've got nothing else in the works right now—except for rolling up in the Street Treats truck again next month for Second Sunday. Giddyup.

No ice cream turf wars for the foreseeable future.
I highly recommend getting yourself to Second Sunday on Main next month for some Jeni's Ice Creams.

Jeni's Ice Creams
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2 scoops on a sugar cone


  1. You should've seen my jaw drop when I spotted that darn truck. I got my salted caramel on as soon as I could!