of hotdogs and social media

The lowly hotdog, not very impressive, no one would expect it to change the world or even anyone’s life. but, add a few quality ingredients to replace the filler. Add an unexpected topping or two and you may end up with a dog that changes minds about the hotdog, or even one tiny part of the world.

photo credit Mandira Jacob

Social media, if you believe the skeptics is not very impressive. A place to post what was had for breakfast. or lunch. Not exactly something that will change the world or even anyone’s life.
Until it does. Replace a few posts about lunch with a valuable link. A link to your favorite gastro pub in an up and coming neighborhood. You may have just changed a tiny little part of your world, and maybe the way someone looks at the world. In effect their life.
photo credit Mandira Jacob
UC journalism class
photo credit Ms 5chw4r7z

Last night i was invited to weigh in on a college journalism class, my thoughts on social media, blogging and where it’s taken me and some bumps along the way. Winemedineme also contributed so I hope between the two of us the students found some value in what we had to offer.

As an example of the power of social media Tom Callinan, the instructor, brought up a place that does no advertising but relies instead on word of mouth, Senate. Those guys are riding a wave of social media success. If I had a dollar for everyday someone did not talk about the poutine at Senate, I wouldn’t have enough money for a senate hotdog.

Afterward after all the Senate talk we could not not go to Senate so we went. Ok, it has been too long since we've been there, I swear the dogs are better than I remember. The memory fads with time. And the hotdogs aren’t just any Oscar Meyer, oh no, think 1/4lb gourmet dog that melts in your mouth.
Don’t laugh at my selection, it doesn’t sound masculine, but I got the Hello Kitty2.0.
Cole slaw, bacon and a few other Asian ingredients. With every bite I thought, why do I feel like I’m eating sushi? Halfway through, a realization.

Of course you can get other American fare there too, they're just known for the hotdogs.
If you haven’t given social media a fair chance, or Senate, you need to give them both a try. You’ll be surprised what happens.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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