Parker Flats Friday

Except for the Ascent at Roebling has any other residential building gotten the positive press the award winning Parker Flats has? A couple appearances on the news, a music video, just another day at one of the most desirable addresses downtown. There's a 3 second cameo in the middle of the video featuring our condo.

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  1. Hey-Thank you to you and the Mrs. for saying hello to my roommate and I at Neon's tonight (She had a purple wig on and I a long blond with a blue bow headband)! I'm a huge fan of your blog and I was so excited to see you out and about! This is my blog-

  2. And after i got home I was kicking myself for not get a picture.
    You two were pretty cute.

  3. Thanks! Meeting you two encouraged me to finally show my face on my blog. I put up a picture of my roommate and I. I'm sure we will see you out and about sometime again! I'm pretty sure The Boilover was there too? I didn't say hi to him though.