do you like eating burgers? HEEEEY! me too

There’s a full scale war going on out there in the streets on Cincinnati.
And we're the winners, because someone always ups the game giving us a better burger.
And since I’m always out eating them its only natural that I get asked what the best Cincinnati burgers are. I knew that I’d need to get around to making a list one day.
Well that day is today.
What prompted it is this, I've been hearing for years about Arthur’s and how good their burgers are. We went the other night with a friend holding an expiring Groupon to see what all the talk was about.
I got the Arthur’s Burger and when it came to the table it sure looked good. But it went downhill from there, although I liked the texture of the burger, I consider it bad when the bun has more flavor then the meat. #fail
OK, that’s it, no more procrastinating onto my official burger list.
What do I judge burgers on? #1 is texture, I like the burger to be just on the verge of falling apart not packed tightly together. Then flavor, it better engage parts of my tongue that usually lie dormant.

Here we go, the best burgers in Cincinnati according to 5chw4r7z.

Tied for first place are Terry's Turf Club and Cafe de Wheels.
If the last place I went was Terry’s then its my favorite,
Terry's Turf Club
but the last place I went was Cafe de Wheels, so its my current favorite.
OTR Summer Celebration

Third place Dilly cafe
Dilly Cafe

Fourth place Rookwood
The Rookwood

UPDATE: I was negligent in not mentioning Mayberry, I knew I'd forget one. Tied for fourth with Rookwood.


And Fifth place Senate

There’s a half dozen honorable mentions I could, well, mention.
Local127, Rockbottom and Nicholson’s are up there in the top ten. Pirate Cove and Ludlow Bromley on good days, but they’re really inconsistent so I go there for the atmosphere and hope for the best.
There you go, my list, your milage may vary, past performance does not guarantee future returns, consult a doctor before starting a new burger routine.[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


  1. solid list! it's hard to get proper white balance in Terry's, huh? (my pics where washed out in neon red, lol) i haven't been able to get past the hot dogs at senate yet, perhaps i should try harder.

  2. Terry's and Rookwood. Rookwood was the worst.

  3. No, sorry man, it gets a thumbs down from me.

  4. Alright, you're giving us a couple more places to try. We recently checked out the much-talked about Quatman Cafe in Norwood, which has a good, no-nonsense burger [but no onion rings!]. I'm a big fan of the burger options at Zola's as well.

    So, have you been to Zip's? People seem to love it, although I would certainly not put it on a Top 5, or top anything list.

  5. Ok so I had a big slam on Zips in my post then had second thoughts and deleted it. I'm not a fan of Zips, its the opposite of everything I hold most dear in regards to burgers.

  6. You need to try Gordo's, in Norwood. Excellent burgers...

  7. Terry's is so over-rated. I'll second Gordo's. Also, have you tried Mayberry's burger?

  8. Damn! I knew I was forgetting one. Mayberry's burger is kick ass. I should slot it in there with Rookwood.
    Here's your link made clickable

  9. No City View Tavern burger????

  10. Good list Bob, TTC is a victim of their own success, I love City View as in the bar but the burger is one of the most over rated in the city ahead of Zips. If City View used Hellmans real mayo instead of cheap fauxmayo salad dressing it would help. Zolas is pretty good and the burger at "the bar formerly know as CoCos" is not bad but it makes me feel funky the next day.
    Since fries are an essential part of the burger experience I suggest a remix mashup of this list adding fries as a factor.

  11. i know it's in the burbs but the burger at Wildflower Cafe lives up to its name as the World's Best Burger!

  12. I'm probably the only person in Cincy who hates Terry's with a passion. I've only been once but I would never return. Its not even about the food as much as the Bush/Cheney trucker hat wearing waitress and the racist comments about one of the guests from the bartender. Couple that with the generally unsanitary conditions and I'd have to say its the most overrated place in greater Cincinnati. My burger was an overpriced soggy mess and the fries are better at Penn Station. I don't get the appeal of the place at all.

  13. Quatman or gtfo. The Mound's burger is tops too. But both of those places are technically in Norwood and if I understand correctly, you would disintegrate if you went there.

  14. I don't know Dave, I never heard anyone slam Norwood.