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From the Cincy Streetcar blog: "The Cincinnati Streetcar project was recommended to receive two State of Ohio grants in the total amount of $36.8 million to build the line from the riverfront to the University of Cincinnati and to plan the build-out of the system throughout Uptown.
These are draft recommendations that still must be finalized by the TRAC board following the Public Comment period. Please show your support for the Cincinnati Streetcar by writing to the Transportation Review Advisory Council before February 11."

Every askes what they can do, I've had a very good letter forwarded to me, copy and paste it into an email and send it to or even easier, click this link, copy and paste the following text, add your name in the apropriate places and send it on its way.

Ohio Department of Transportation
attn: Ed Kagel, TRAC Coordinator
1980 W. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43223

Dear Transportation Review Advisory Council,

Hello, my name is [enter first and last name] and I am a [resident of, and/or work in ]
Cincinnati as well as the [leadership position(s) if applicable]. Today, I am writing you in order
to express my support for the Cincinnati Streetcar Project.

The Cincinnati Streetcar is the top-ranked transportation project on Ohio’s 2011-
2015 Major New Program List. The two streetcar allocations, which include the $35 million
in Construction Funding for “Cincinnati Streetcar Phase 1″ and $1.8 million in Preliminary
Engineering funding for the “Cincinnati Uptown Streetcar,” are critical for survival of this

In conclusion, the Cincinnati streetcar will benefit our city, create new jobs, attract new
businesses, and help make Cincinnati a better place to live.


[enter name and signature]

Cincinnati Streetcar

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