Hallmark holidays

is what some guys call it, whatever, like what holiday isn't made up? There probably isn't much about Christmas in the bible, its more of a department store holiday than anything.
but all of that is besides the point, if valentines day gives you reason to pause in your busy life, to stop and think about the most important person in your life and make them feel special, whats the harm in that? I can't see a down side.
We don't blow the bank or go out to eat on "amateur" lovebird night.
A couple fillets on the grill, a couple very rich deserts and we're good to go.
Parker Flats
Parker Flats
Parker Flats
Parker FlatsParker Flats
oh yeah, it was that intense, everythng sourced from Findlay Market for dinner.
Parker Flats
everything except the Flower Power, sourced from Itaca NY.
Parker Flats
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