Sidewinder Cafe

Not a bad place to hang out and relax for breakfast is the Sidewinder Cafe, except for one huge drawback.
I can't walk there.
Still searching for that Saturday moring place, although I must say, in general the people in the Northside tend to be just a little more ineresting than the people downtown. If the Northside was only downtown where everything else is, it would be perfect.

Sidewinders CafeSidewinders CafeSidewinders CafeSidewinders CafeSidewinders CafeSidewinders Cafe[where:4181 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45223]cincinnati ohio northside coffee


  1. If you're willing to trek out to Northside, I HIGHLY recommend the Melt Sunday brunch. Slim's is pretty good too.

  2. It's really not a bad bike ride. About 10 miles & pretty flat via the Parkway or Spring Grove.

  3. Northside does have some pretty great businesses that would be awesome Downtown. But that is what makes Cincinnati so great - the uniqueness of each neighborhood. Downtown certainly has its own thing going on that just needs to continue to develop. Northside as well.

  4. Check out Keystone in Covington. They have a real decent brunch. You may be able to walk it—if not it's only a short bike ride.