Brodi3man says:WTF!!! u better not be working.
5chw4r7z says:im not.. i only work til 3 at the latest, unless theres beatings involved
Brodi3man says:lol
Brodi3man says:youknowho is talking about paying off credit cards with other credit cards. lol
5chw4r7z says:yeah, i thought it was funny when he was criticizing his friends for their money habits yesterday
5chw4r7z says:does he know you can also pay them off with money? LOL
Brodi3man says:thats silly

Brodi3man says:u need to twitter if there is a cincinnati place to practice speaking spanish.
Brodi3man says:like a spanish club er something.
5chw4r7z says:sure twitters all stupid and chit til u need sumtin
Brodi3man says:its stupid for me because im not all hip and trendy in the city scene.
Brodi3man says:people in the suburbs can't even spell twitter[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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