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The average person doesn't realize this, but contrary to what the old news media feeds you, there is a broad base of support for the streetcar. How did you think it made it this far? Fed up with one-sided streetcar stories the group Cincinnatians for Progress has awoken from its slumber and is going on the offensive to get the word out. We all know that there are people in Anderson Township, Warren and Butler County hate the streetcar with a passion.
Randy Simes, editor of the blog UrbanCincy has some good insight on why,

If you ever wonder why opponents have been so bold here in Cincinnati, this is why. Once people are introduced to modern transit options, they don't want to go back to the days without it.

But we don't care about the city haters because we love Cincinnati with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Cincinnatians for Progress
At last nights Streetcar Social none other than Mayor Mallory dropped in to talk about all things streetcar, where we've been, where we are and where we're going with the streetcar.
The construction contract is signed, cars are getting constructed and rail will be laid this fall.
The biggest cheers and aplause went to the mayors comment on the maintenance building. This won't mean anything to someone not hip deep in the streetcar, the Mayor named this building the Center of Advanced Streetcar Technology, or CoAST for short. That and the first two cars to get rolling will be #9 and #48. Those car numbers are my words, not the mayors, but we'll get it done.
Cincinnatians for Progress
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  1. A truly amazing night that, as usual, went uncovered by the 'mainstream' Cincinnati media.

  2. And just so people know...there was more to my statement. I was referring to the groundbreaking of Charlotte's LYNX Blue Line light rail extension, which took place yesterday.

    Charlotte is another conservative city with a regional that has approximately the same number of people living in it. With that said, Cincinnati is still larger with more corporations and higher population densities.

    It was controversial when Charlotte laid their first mile of track, but since then they have been pursuing a streetcar line that will run perpendicular to the light rail line through their center city, extended their light rail line, and have been moving forward on two commuter rail lines. They have also been upgrading their inter-city rail service to Washington D.C. and now Atlanta.

    This is what the opponents are fighting.

  3. Thanks Randy, and its funny that the Cincinnati streetcar opponents keep saying the streetcar is too small. But you know when its successful and time to expand the haters will still fight it every step of the way.

  4. I live in Butler County and am NOT AGAINST the Streetcar or ANY light rail.

    NOBODY asked MY opinion and I hate broad swipes by folks as it makes them sound like elitist. We are not all knuckle-draggers because we live in the suburbs! :-(

    #homebody #homebound #lovenature #quiet

  5. I'm not saying anyone is a knuckle-dragger, I'm saying the most vocal opponents of the streetcar all live outside the city.