no rest for the weary, the anti-progress anti-streetcar people are at it again

Lets see, if you look at things you can measure, things like say, elections and turnouts at town hall meetings, Cicinnatians are overwhelmingly in favor of the streetcar.
If on the other hand you want to believe anecdotal evidence put forth by the Anderson township based anti-city CAVE* men, well then that's a different story.
But we're not here for fiction, a suburban dream world where gas is forever $1.00 a gallon and you get to drive everywhere for everything.
A suburban dream world where a $100 million project in Middletown is a no brainer, just parrot "roads" "economy" "access" and no one questions it. But engineering studies, university economic impact studies for urban transit are meaningless.
Urbanites and progressives want a little more out of life here in the city, something more meaningful than spending our life in a car. We're facing down the most dangerous and city killing Charter amendment ever.

GOD, I wish I had one word to argue the point like the opponents do, but I don't so I pulled this off the Cincinnatians for Progress website.It highlights how dangerous and ugly Charter Article XVI is.
OK, that's my take, but whether you are for or against the streetcar you should be against Charter Article XVI and here's why.

What it says: “The City shall not spend or appropriate any money on the design, engineering,
construction or operation of a Streetcar System, or any portion thereof.”
What it means: This phrase prevents the city from spending any money on anything
related to preparing any kind of passenger rail transit in Cincinnati.
What it says: “Further, the City shall not incur any indebtedness or contractual obligations for the
purpose of financing, designing, engineering, construction or operating of a Streetcar System, or any
portion thereof.”
What it means: This language would make it impossible to accept federal grants, to issue
bonds, to enter into public-private partnerships for passenger rail. Even private
investment in a rail system in the city limits would be illegal.
What it says: “This Amendment applies from the date it is certified to the Charter, and will continue in
effect until December 31, 2020.”
What it means: The arbitrary 10-year ban on preparation is designed to force new transit
planning to start from square one in 2021. Because permanent infrastructure requires
many years to develop, this language would guarantee Cincinnati sees no rail-based
transit for a generation.
What it says: “For purposes of this Amendment, the term 'Streetcar System' means a system of
passenger vehicles operated on rails constructed primarily in existing public rights of way ...”
What it means: The term "streetcar system" in this amendment would ban all rail that
runs in on Cincinnati streets or rights-of-way. That would prevent commuter rail and
streetcars alike; even restoring the city's historic inclines would be outlawed.
What it says: “...The term 'City' includes without limitation the City, the Manager, the Mayor, the
Council, and the City’s various boards, commissions, agencies and departments …”
What it means: Under this language, even Cincinnati's Metro system could not consider
taking advantage of future national and regional funding programs.
What it says: “...The term 'money' means any money from any source whatsoever....”
What it means: This language would not only lock out local, state and federal funds, but
make it illegal for corporations, non-profits and individuals to pay for rail-based transit.

*Citizens Against Virtually Everything
The CAVE men are a large, fractious confederation of people who are defined by what they are against. They are reactionary, wrongheaded and backward looking.

cincinnati streetcar

Image courtesy; Cincinnati Streetcar Blog

This is, I shit you not, is straight off their twitter account,

Coming soon to Cincinnati: Streetcar Pole Dancing Class! #LetsGo rub our naughty bits on a trolley pole.

Funny? yes. Sad? yes, sadly. This is the mentality we're dealing with.

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  1. I found this chart the other day that ranks US cities on how much money they spend on gas per month. According to the chart, Cincinnati spends more on gas/month than Los Angles, San Francisco, Seattle, Brooklyn, Washington DC and many other cities that are considerably larger and more populated than this area. Another thing those other cities have in common? Robust public transportation systems. Link to chart:

  2. I still don't understand why there are so many people so passionately opposed to this project. It's demonstrably better for development and progress than a casino or NFL stadium, yet those money pits enjoy widespread support. It's maddening.