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we hit a yelp event
got there early before it got too crowded to take pictures. Then it got too crowded.
saw all the besties I wanted to see and a few more too.
was it hot? was it ever, and not just hot, it was sweat rolling down your face hot.
the food was good, the beer cold but the crowd was overwhelming after an hour so we made our exit.
yelp eats
peace out Josh, congrats on the Iron Chef win
yelp eats
i didn't think of it until later when someone brought up how many people were there and how there was no way out.
what if there had been a panic at the disco?
things i never think of until its too late.
kinda like how the state department said to avoid crowds in Paris and we found ourselves at a festival with a hundred thousand other people.
yelp eats
yelp eats
cucumber jalapeƱo, kinda weird but it worked
yelp eats
yelp eats
yelp eats
UPDATE: I want to mention, I wasn't really trying to avoid the community manager, I know Alex and he was so busy I never saw him. Just ribbing him a little but it fell flat. We did have a good time while we were there or I never would have blogged about it.
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  1. Aw, thanks for the update Bob. I know you weren't trying to be cruel. I'm actually sad I never saw you. There were indeed just so many people.

    But about that, there was no concern about an emergency. The fire marshal came during the event (because someone called him) and he cleared us for safety. There were multiple exits out of there if anything happened.

    And yeah, it was hot. The AC has broke the day before, and while they fixed it, it just couldn't keep up with hundreds of bodies in a room. Ah well, things to learn for next time.

    I am glad you came and glad you got to try some of the amazing food from local businesses! That was what I was hoping for all along.