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Cincinnati Athletic Club
This edition of Watch This hosted by the Cincinnati Athletic Club, what is left to say about Star Wars? Not much if you're a geek it has permeated our entire lives.
With an audience full of techies and geekies whats left but to present Star Wars in 20 tweets.

Cincinnati Athletic Club
@AlexShebar R2D2 and C3PO: the original ro-bromance. #StarWars #WatchThis

@5chw4r7z i keep adding f-bombs from han solo in my head. makes way more sense

@5chw4r7z "chewy. lock in the mother f@kin power!" see, an r-rated star wars would have been awesome x 100

@LivingInGin Yoda: "Get medieval on your ass I will."

@5chw4r7z marching into the mother f@kin detention center is not what i had in mind #mystarwars

@LivingInGin No way that overhead door is code-compliant. I guess there's a reason they call it the Death Star. #WatchThis

@5chw4r7z this is some mother f@kin rescue ~ princess leia #mystarwars

@Megebee Luke is whiny, Han is a jerk, and Leia is a bossy bitch. Why do we like this movie so much? #StarWars #WatchThis

@armonde I'm not sayin Han's a gold digger, but he aint messin with no broke... Princess #WatchThis

@LivingInGin That trash compactor would rent for $2000 a month in Brooklyn. #WatchThis

@5chw4r7z dig those high tech targeting systems. wouldnt robots make better gunners? #starwars

@jamespilcher @5chw4r7z droids outlawed for military use after clone wars!

@5chw4r7z 0_o that fighter pilot has a red shirt on, hes screwed

@armonde Yes Luke, I'm sure you did used to "Bullseye" "womprats" with your "t-16" back home. You innuendo isn't needed at this meeting. #WatchThis

@5chw4r7z how can @allisonjo1 fall asleep in the middle of star wars?

@5chw4r7z damn! the end of star wars is so inspiring, i want to overthrow an evil republic now

@AlexShebar Damn good movie. Damn good people. Damn good time. #StarWars #WatchThis

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  1. Reading those tweets from my jammies on my couch had me in tears I was laughing so hard. You guys are the awesomest!