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No matter how much lip service people give it, not many of us like change.
OH, we'd like change, as long as its other people changing.
new hat. and suit

But deep, soul searching what am I all about change, man that's hard.
The only way I know to change is to push, to try, test boundaries, get uncomfortable.
Boy it sure is easier to just toe the line and get along isn't it?
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Even professional challenges, do you shy away or charge in? The sure fire way of learning anything new is wading in.
Those reasons you have for not trying?
Actually those are constraints to work around, that's safe, no one ever got the glory with one hand on home base now have they?
If you never push, never get uncomfortable, you'll never learn anything about yourself.
new hat. and suit
new hat. and suit
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  1. Very nice. I've always liked the trapeze metaphor for change. You may have heard it, it goes like this...

    Our lives are a series of trapeze swings. We start out on a trapeze bar that's swinging nicely along and we become comfortable with that. But that swing eventually starts to slow down and at some point will come to a complete stop.

    Eventually we see another trapeze bar coming at us. This new bar is our next step, a place for further growth. But it takes courage to let go of the old bar we are swinging on that has provided us safety for so long.

    There will be periods of uncertainty and fear, perhaps, as we hurdle across space to the next bar. However, it's in those moments of uncertainty and fear where we learn about ourselves and truly grow...

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