....but of course we alreay knew that didn't we?

That Issue 9 had nothing to do with anything but a special interest group and a guy from Anderson township trying to stay relevant in a city that has passed them by.
Every city and county issue they backed went the opposite way they wanted.
How more out of touch can these CAVE* men be?

Doug Bolton Publisher of the Business Courier of Cincinnati says "the supporters of Issue 9 ... quickly blathered on about how the failure of Issue 9 was not a mandate for the city’s streetcar plan"

So let me get this straight,
We defeated Issue 9
We elected by a wide margin a mayor who wants the streetcar.
We elected Laure Quinlivan, whose whole platform was the streetcar, to city council.

Yet "they" interpret this as a sign they need to keep fighting the fight?
As Doug said, "The losers need to find another fight."
Amen, preferably one in their own community.

*Citizens Against Virtually Everything[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio streetcar transportaion rail



  1. Well, the water district issue went their way & Winburn got elected, so it wasn't a total loss. The council pretty much shelved the water district idea this week. I imagine they will take credit for that. Some COA Ter also gave one of the health issues their blessing.
    I was just reading a transcript of a court case & in it, some guy kept going on about the "Finney Standard". scary