Issue 9, goodbye and good riddance

Last night, after the results came in, it felt like midnight, New Years Eve.
You know that feeling, at the stroke of midnight, everything is going to be better, this really could be the year, the world just looks a little brighter than it did even 10 minutes ago?
That's how I felt.

Cincinnati elected a mayor for progress
elected a council for progress
AND defeated an anti-progress amendment

The CAVE* man on Bill Cunginham said, "if issue 9 fails we have to go home."
So goodbye and good riddance. You wanted people to have the right to vote on progress, and vote they did.


*Citizens Against Virtually Everything[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. i can only hope they will go away. although, i really doubt they will. my fear is they'll try some other stupid stunt in the near future.

  2. Well I hope they do go home, but Smitherman is already threatening to place another issue on the ballot next year that will deal with only the streetcar this time. The enquirer of course made a point to highlight this today. Hopefully those are empty promises because I am fed up with these clowns standing in the way of progress.

  3. Only having been in Cincinnati for 5 years, now I'm starting to see why it took 10 years to get the Banks started. Things that make so much freakn sense get stonewalled the most.
    the budget is 128 mill, can't they pay this clown off already, I'm sure that's all he wants is a piece of it.

  4. Smitherman has a deep hatred of Mayor Mallory that is clouding his vision IMO.

  5. That Johnny Cash photo sums it up perfectly!

  6. I don't think Smitherman wants to be paid himself as much as he just wants the city to pay. The Smitherman/COAST love affair shares a hatred of the city. Kind of reminds me of the Shego/Doc Draken relationship.