today's the day Nein on 9

The CAVE* men's page for endorsements is embarrassingly blank, it seems the only person supporting a yes on 9 vote is some fossil confused about what a sign is.

Meanwhile ALL these people and organizations have endorsed a No on 9 vote.


Mayor Mark Mallory (D)
Council Member Cecil Thomas (D)
Council Member Jeff Berding (D)
Council Member Chris Bortz (C)
Council Member David Crowley (D)
Council Member Greg Harris (D)
Council Member Roxanne Qualls (C)
Council Member Leslie Ghiz (R)
Council Candidate Tony Fischer (D)
Council Candidate Bernadette Watson (D)
Council Candidate Nicholas Hollan (D)
Council Candidate Laure Quinlivan (D)
Council Candidate Wendell Young (D)
Council Candidate Kevin Flynn (C)
Council Candidate Amy Murray (R)
Council Candidate George Zamary (R)
Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper
Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune
Former Mayor Arn Bortz
Former Mayor Bobbie Sterne
Former Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell
State Senator Eric Kearney
Former Vice Mayor Marian Spencer
Former Mayor David Mann
Senate President Stan Aronoff
Senate President Dick Finan
Rep. Denise Driehaus
Judge Jones
Bishop E. Lynn Brown
Willie Cunningham
Mike McConnell
Bill Burwinkel
John Eby
Jim Zimmerman
Jerry Newfarmer


Cincinnatus Association
Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce
Charter Committee
Cincinnati Business Courier
League of Women Voters
Cincy PAC
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Mayor’s YPKC
Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce
US Green Bldg Council-Cincy Chapter
Downtown Residents Council
U.C. Student Government Association
Queen City Bike
Pendleton Neighborhood Council
Cincinnati Planning Commission
Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial Board
Cincinnati Democratic Party
Hamilton County Democratic Party
Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission
The Sierra Club
Agenda 360
Uptown Consortium
Protect the Charter Issue Committee
Ohio Environmental Council
Alliance for Regional Transit
Laborers Union
Building Trades Union
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest
Amalgamated Transit Union-Mark Bennett
Cincinnati Beacon
Get Sick Productions

*Citizens Against Virtually Everything[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown coast-usa streetcar Cincinnati Issue 9

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