Parker Flats Friday

Sunday afternoon, the tailgate lots were packed with Steeler and Bengals fans. The one thing they had in common?
In the public parking under the building, they all got to watch the craptastic game play of the Brownies from the tweetdeck.
The most shouted phrase from that lot?
"your place is freakin awesome" with freakin replaced by the queen mother of all f words based on the level of inebriation.
But yes thank you it is. Living in the award winning Parker Flats will make you conceited.
Parker Flats gameday
They didn't convert that third down, going for it on 4th, what choice do they have?
Parker Flats gameday
It was immature, sure, but after taking it from the Steeler fans all day,We are the Champions on infinite loop plus every Steelers polka song ever recorded, we couldn't help but give it all back at the end of the day.
And boy did we let them have it.
We were tweetdeck tough guys.
Parker Flats gameday
Parker Flats gameday[where: 45202]Parker Flats condo downtown Cincinnati Ohio coast streetcar


  1. Wow! Fantastic expression shots :)

    WE are the champions, mfers!!!

    PS. I'm coming to the TD for a game. I swear!

  2. i need to plan a future visit for game day. looks like a lot of fun.