Vox Tectonics @ Weston Art Gallery

A soundtrack of improvisational beatbox and melodic vocal loops by Abiyah, Dana Hamblen and Marty Spitfly. I'm glad I caught this show, it was really worth it, especially the improve numbers.
Man this is how lame my life is getting, I read "The perfect pre-show event" so I thought the whole 20/20 thing was starting this weekend, but I failed to read "before the 20/20 Finale!" the end of 20/20!
Theres always next year I guess, just like the Bengals.

Vox TectonicsVox TectonicsVox TectonicsVox TectonicsVox Tectonics[where:650 Walnut Street Aronoff Center Cincinnati, 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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