Bengals on Fountain Square

Notice I didn't say "football" on Fountain Square.

I'm going off on a rant here, I've never been down on Cincinnati sports like the natives are, BUT, that was f#@k!ng embarrassing yesterday. WFT! Mike Brown, hire a freakin manager already and take a step back.

Man did those guys suck, shouldn't it be coming together for them now?
Was it me or did they look totally clueless?
I think, if I was the coach, they didn't have anything to lose, I'd call the "toss it to Ocho Cinco" play every time.
Hey they're losing anyhow, let Ocho Cinco have the spotlight he's been craving.
The football sucked big time, but the food was really good. The burger by Cooking with Caitlin was incredible.
Jean-Fran├žois was there with his waffles in his quest to dominate the Cincinnati food scene, Skyline and UDF giving away ice cream. You know what I always say about ice cream? The only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream!
Plus the beer stand.
The only thing that would make a Sunday afternoon on Fountain Square perfect is if they didn't show the Bengals.
Maybe the Browns? They didn't win yesterday, but they at least looked like they deserved to be on the same field with a real team.

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