Movie Night on Fountain Square

Obviously nothing that Cincinnati does will ever get people back downtown again, and the new square is a complete failure....NOT.
The Square was packed again, you could barely make your way through the crowd. One thing I thought was really awesome was the look on peoples faces as they came out of the garage, they would hesitate for a second, maybe wondering what they were stepping into faced with the mass of people sitting around on a Saturday evening, then they would get this huge grin and continue on their way. The whole evening was even better with a few nieces thrown in for extra fun.

Movie Night on Fountain Square
Movie Night on Fountain Square

OK, you got me on this one..THEY stopped selling Graeter's at the Garfield Suites. Dang, we have to drive out to the sticks, way out to Hyde Park to get an ice cream cone.
HEY.. we like ice cream downtown too ya know.
Graeter's in Hyde Park

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