Issue 22, the mayor wants to spend all the money

Saturday morning the Cincinnati Democratic party held a meeting on whether to endorse Issue 22. Two of the speakers seemed to encapsulate why most people are concerned with this permanent property tax.

Tim Mara is an attorney who is active in many environmental organizations. he was very outspoken against the stadium tax in the mid 90s.
"Burnet Woods, (a place the mayor wants to develop with restaurants and beer gardens) is designated by the Audubon Society as an “Important Birding Area,” a rare honor for such an urban location.
The proposed Cincinnati Parks Levy is, in actually, a proposal which could devastate our park system. It is a scheme to open up our treasured parks to development for the profit of a few."

Local civil rights activist Marian Spencer "our living legend"
"Paying debt back for the projects proposed would take an excess of 25 years. Can't repeal a tax until the debt is paid."
I've heard from reliable sources that Marian Spencer said later in the day the mayor called her and berated her over this statement.

Which lead me to this epiphany, there has been speculation about what a future mayor will do with this money which is completely off the mark.
The current mayor plans to spend all the money right now!
Whats to stop him from spending 500 million in the next year? We'll be paying his cash give away off for the next 100 years.

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