another historic day in Cincinnati

The last weld was completed Friday afternoon on the Cincinnati streetcar downtown. It was nice that some pomp and circumstance happened downtown considering the economic studies have stated that the majority of the streetcar's economic impact will occur there. The loop is now complete short some concrete and overhead wire stringing. All that is left is for the cars to be shipped and the federal mandated testing to occur. The Cincinnati streetcar is scheduled to begin operating in less than a year but I hope if everything falls into place it will happen faster than that.
Other notable points, the streetcar is on time and on budget. The city of Cincinnati has also posted budget surpluses two years in a row and streetcar operation are projected to take up 0.085% of the budget.
What is it that Derek Bauman, Director-Southwest Ohio All aboard Ohio always says? Density + Connectivity = Vibrancy!
Lets go
Last weld on the streetcar track
A couple pictures from Ms5chw4r7z since I couldn't get off work.
Last weld on the streetcar track
Last weld on the streetcar track
This sign always cracks me up, the streetcar doesn't have a choice over what lane it uses right?
Last weld on the streetcar track
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