This place matters

Washington Park

OTR is in the running to win a national preservation competition and $25,000 in grants. Out of 100 places in the competition, OTR is in the top three with The Breakers in Newport, RI and the Dreamland Theatre in Little Rock as its top competitors. Voting ends at the end of the day tomorrow.
OTR is only a few buildings away from losing 50% of its valuable stock and the money along with leadership from the National Trust for Historic Preservation will go a long way in planning to save whats left of the neighborhood, an area containing more such buildings than New Orleans and is larger than Charleston's world-renowned historic district.

What does this have to do with me and you?
OTR needs your help in voting, please click here, register and then vote for OTR. I know your time is valuable and registering and voting takes a few minutes, but its a few minutes to save the largest collection of historic places there is anywhere.
Voting ends at midnight 5pm June 30th don't delay.
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  1. Thank you, Bob! And that's a beautiful photo - as always!

    People can vote with every email address they have too. Thanks again!