The next Lunar eclipse will be 2010, right when they drive the last spike for the Cincinnati streetcar. May not be SFW.

Theres been some good discussion over at Jackie's blog about the streetcar. Interesting stuff about private vs. public and it really got me thinking about how can we get the streetcar out of the public realm and into private ownership. So here's what I'm thinking, taken to its logical extreme why should the government fund anything? lets hand the bridges over to the company that will run the streetcar, they can charge tolls for revenue to run the streetcar and its upkeep. The company needs to have a hip, trendy name. This should help get people downtown to ride it because its cool, something like say, Cincinnati Urban Neighborhood Transit or C.U.N.T.* for short. The C.U.N.T. can also pay for the upkeep on the bridges themselves since the Brent Spence Bridge is said to need replaced. I read here that 2 cars a second enter the Brent Spence Bridge, so at $.50 a car that would generate $31,536,000 a year in revenue from just one bridge.
Ride the C.U.N.T.! w00t.
*Another freebie, no need to thank me.

I was able to watch the eclipse last night from my computer desk, how cool is that? Unfortunately, my auto focus camera wouldn't auto focus so all I got was this craptastic picture.

Lunar eclispe

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