Why is the Earth by default Democrat?

Ok, I admit, I’m not doing back flips over the fact that Gore won a Noble Peace Prize. Why should I? I could really care less about Al Gore, the poster child for smug self satisfied Democrats everywhere. OH No, they say, fifty years from now the oceans will rise, the temperatures will go up. Over the next hundred years because of global warming there will be mass extinctions. Maybe these are all valid maybe not, but here is something for you Democrats to worry about, right now, NOW Oct 2007 there are four times more children with asthma problems than there were 20 years ago because of the way we live our lives.
The average person alive today has 200 more types of toxic chemicals in their blood stream than someone alive in the 1920’s
Why does the environment have to be Democrat or Republican? Am I worried about some polar bear drowning? Maybe a tiny bit, a threatened animal that may disappear 75 years from now, not so much. Am I worried about my nieces, nephews and family? Hell yes, why don’t we worry about people getting sick and having health problems right now, today?
So go out and hug a tree. A Republican tree.

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