Parker Flats Friday

Parker Flats

View to the southwest on a rainy day

Parker Flats is coming along now, although the update we got yesterday said March for a move in date so it wasn't clear if the was us, whom they told Jan 31 or the rest of the building. Anyhow we got a tour of the construction site the other day and will have some cool views. The balconies are much bigger than I thought they'd be. Have you ever watched Blade Runner? Thats what the tour reminded me of, it was raining like crazy and all the stairwells had water pouring down them, of course there were no stairs just ladders so I was almost soaked through by time we were done. All the pictures I took came out bad, but with this one, the rain lent a gritty industrial look and with desaturation in Photoshop I really like how it came out.

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