People visit the city to encounter the unexpected

I'm sitting in the Findlay Market beer garden sipping a beer when a young man with ice cream sits down across the table. I smiled at the randomness and because for a second, I thought he was someone else. How's it going, man? He mumbled that he just wanted to eat ice cream. He mom all worried walked up and asked if I was ok with him sitting there, sure I said. Then we started talking, she told me they used to hardly ever come downtown, they live in West Chester, but because of the streetcar, they come down to visit all the time.
Wait I said, you're from West Chester? Yes.
And you come down specifically because the streetcar is here? Yes.
She went on to tell me they park at the Banks and bounce around all over. Because her son is developmentally disabled they can easily get around with him. One of her biggest wishes she told me is that someone would build a home for people like her son somewhere along the route so her son and others like him could easily get around the city on their own.
To say I was completely floored is an understatement.
Pople will never cease to surprise if given the chance.

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