Can we talk about coffee for a minute?

The Cincinnati narrative has always been that it is a beer city. And it's true. But I would wager that far more people drink coffee than beer. Although, like beer, many of those people could be drinking bad coffee.
Luckily for us, there are coffee lovers out there trying to change that. La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie offers tours and classes to educate the public. But it got me wondering, much like microbreweries or artisan bread bakeries popping up I wondered, should there be more coffee roasters than there are? I had a conversation with one of the co-founders of Collective Espresso and he agreed. "oh yeah" he told me, "a city like Cincinnati should have a roaster in every neighborhood"
I've recently discovered two small roasters, and funny enough they are both located in Bellevue Kentucky. The first, Redland Coffee Roasters is named after the original name of Crosley Field. Redland Coffee is small batch, usually, a couple pounds a week on demand that rotates through an Ethiopian, a Nicaraguan, a Mexican and a Costa Rican. I've found Redland Coffee to be flavorful and more complex than your run of the mill coffee. Redland Coffee Roasters doesn't have a website yet but you can contact them and order through their facebook page.
The other roaster is UnaTaza who works with a single grower in the Honduras. I've had UnaTaza the last four days over Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. UnaTaza doesn't have a website yet, you can contact them through their instagram account.
I'm sure there are plenty more small guys out there, I just haven't heard of them yet. Mad Llama told me there are planning to start roasting next summer so that will be a nice addition to Madisonville.
Deeper Roots Coffee, La Terza, Coffee Emporium are the bigger guys and now Redland Coffee Roasters and Unataza. I'm sure there a couple more out there, who am I missing?
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  1. Right of the bat: Lookout Joe's, which roasts in Mount Lookout (natch).

    (Fun summer ride: past the Keebler factory in Fairfax, then past Lookout Joe's, then the precinct. All sorts of good smells if they are all cookin'.)

  2. The wandering cup is a "coffee truck" that roasts and sets up shop around the city.