An instagram inspired art show

three vices
This story has two parts, maybe three.
You know instagram, you take a picture of what you are up to because you want to or need to share it. But it looks mundane so you are always looking for ways to up the ante.
I posted a couple pictures of cigars back in the day but that was boring even for me. Then I began doing still life with coffee cups and beer or whisky bottles.
Somehow over the years I would accumulate cigars that people had handed off to me, or ones that I've gotten deals on that were more than I'd normally want to pay for a cigar. So I would save them for a special event, but you know how that goes, too much internal dialog. Is this event special enough? What if I smoke this cigar and something even more special happens next week or next month?
I finally decided I would start smoking all those cigars on Sunday and #nocheapcigarsunday was born.
Then posting cigars and beer or what ever got old. About four or so years ago I pasted a found picture on a matchbox, Unique and something no one else had or possibly had seen. After creating a couple matchboxes I starting using photos I had snapped.
Fast forward to Maya's Tiny Town and Ledge Gallery with an audience for tiny format art and a show was born.
A multimedia photo show featuring my collection of matchboxes customized with photos paired with photos of those matchboxes from the #nocheapcigarsunday metaverse.

January 27th 6-9pm at the Ledge Gallery
Located in the back of Your friends and Neighbors
2803 Woodburn Ave.
beer and snacks from OH Little Mustard Seed[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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