naming rights agreement for the streetcar

Walnut St
Cincinnati Bell has signed a naming rights agreement that will transform the Cincinnati Streetcar. Cincinnati Bell will pay $340,000 per year for 10 years under the agreement. The Cincinnati Streetcar will be renamed the Cincinnati Bell Connector and the look will change, with Cincinnati Bell graphics on the front, back and top, as well as inside. The current logo and colors will no longer be used.
Streetcar stations will be rebranded as Cincinnati Bell stations.

Fantastic news, as the streetcar keeps hitting milestones it will become harder and harder for its opponents to come up with arguments against it. I was never too fond of the color anyhow and hopefully this will put and end to all the annoying people who have to make everything about sports and kept claiming they were Steelers colors. One other item of interest, if you hadn't noticed, Cincy Bell has blanketed downtown this year with free WIFI. It would be technically easy to add WIFI to the streetcars so I hope they go ahead and do that.
if you haven't yet download Cincinnati Bells app Connect Cincinnati and stay connected.

And I bet no one calls it the connector, its going to be the streetcar. Although Margie Waller did propose this which I love. I guess since the branding will change the tokens and cards we've purchased will be even more valuable then they were before.
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