why would anyone live in the city if not to encounter the unexpected?

Yesterday was exhausting watching city council try to kill the streetcar. I don't know how Cranley and his merry band of sociopaths do it. Its not mentally exhausting screwing over an entire city when you hate it is all I can guess.

With that thought a little more about the city.

“The street is the river of life for the city. We come here not to escape them, but to partake them.”
~ William H. Whyte

People pays thousands of dollars to go to Disney for its walkable streets and little shops. We could have that right here. Its that close.
Although it wouldn't quite be Disney, people come to the city because its edgy, exciting and unpredictable. It can be uncomfortable and awkward but if you want a homogenized sea of rich white people, go back to the mall.

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  1. Love me some Andre. Favorite part of my week is seeing him at Findlay!

  2. That about sums it up Bob! Love me some Mr. Andre too :)