we were the kings and queens of promise

What you are shouts so loudly, that I cannot hear what you say
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Downtown lomo

Cincinnati isn't just a city, its an ideal.
People point out the downsides but I’m not interested in those, Cincinnati is an ideal to aspire too, a concept, for everyone's "Cincinnati" is a little different. Once we have the Banks, the streetcar a hopping OTR there will always be something else to reach for, and that’s ok. The city is a living breathing entity and creative destruction is real, a thriving city is not a destination but a moving target.

It shouldn't surprise me but it still does, I'm constantly amazed that there are people who hate everything I love most about Cincinnati.

I was about to go on a rant but why? I've relaxed since Nov 8th.
There are people out there who take the easy route trying to tear others down instead of working to better themselves, it gets tiring sometimes.
Hmmm, on second thought that isn't an easy route, its just a dead end.
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